Ervin Family

"The first thing that comes to mind when I think about the Ervin Scholars Program is that it's family. It was a home away from home."

-Shaun C. Koiner, BSBA '04 

Chief Product Officer, Sporting News



When first years join the Ervin Scholars Program, they join more than just a scholarship. They join a family. This family supports them in all their endeavors on campus and after graduation.


Parents of Ervin Scholars are also encouraged to be active and supportive of the Ervin Program in many ways. 


First Year Parent Dinner

During Move-In in August, first years and their parents are invited to a dinner with the Ervin Staff. Dean Hadley welcomes all parents and freshmen to the Ervin Family as they start the fall semester. 


Parents Weekend Luncheon

During the University's Parent and Family Weekend, the Ervin Scholars Program hosts a lunch for all parents and family of Ervin Scholars visiting campus. This gives families a chance to reconnect with the program and meet each other. 

For more information on Parent and Family Weekend, click here

Senior Graduation Dinner

Ervin Scholars close out their time at Washington University with the Senior Graduation Dinner. With their families, the Ervin Staff welcome Ervin Scholars as they transition from undergraduates to alumni. 

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