Dorothy Elliott

Alumni Director (Retired)

 Dorothy Elliott, a native of St. Louis, attended St. Louis Public Schools. She enrolled in Harris Stowe Teachers College in the fall of 1954, after graduating from Sumner High School. This was the first year of public school integration in St. Louis: the year that Stowe Teachers College and Harris Teachers College merged. During her senior year Dorothy was a student in John B. Ervin's Techniques of Teaching class, where she learned from the best. She did her practice teaching in the St. Louis Public Schools, under John Ervin's supervision. Dorothy received a Bachelor Degree from Harris-Stowe Teachers College in January of 1959 and felt extremely prepared to begin her teaching career in the St. Louis Public School District. In 1973, Dorothy received a Masters Degree from Webster University. During her teaching career, she taught in the St. Louis Public Schools and the Maplewood Richmond Heights Schools, for 21 years. In 1972 she was named one of the Outstanding Elementary Teachers of America. She attributes her teaching success to John Ervin who taught his teachers to make learning interesting and exciting. She came to Washington University in the spring of 1984 and was an undergraduate admissions counselor. Dorothy coordinated the Program from its inception in fall 1986 and was the Associate Director for over 15 years. She retired from the University in December of 2002. Even during retirement, she remains committed to the Program by connecting with Ervin alumni.
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