Fernando Cutz

Fernando Cutz graduated in 2010 with a double-major in International Studies and Political Science with a minor in Psychology. He currently works at USAID (U.S. Agency for International Development) as the Special Assistant to the Administrator for National Security Affairs

How has being an Ervin Scholar influenced and benefited you?

Being an Ervin Scholar has been and continues to be hugely influential in my life. Some of my closest friends in college, and to this day, were fellow Ervin Scholars. The program is more than a scholarship, it's a community filled with exceptional people who constantly challenge and inspire me to try to live up to their standards. Dean McLeod played a huge role in shaping the way that I think. Through his Habits of Achievement, his mentorship and the incredible example that he set for all of us, I became a better person. The high bar that he and other administrators in the program set for each of us always seemed unrealistic, yet always inspired us to excel and do our best to achieve it. My time at Wash U set me on the course towards becoming the person that I am today; the Ervin Scholars Program continues to play a role in shaping the person I will be in the future. 

Alumni Spotlights

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