Ervin Events

The Ervin Scholars Program plans several events throughout the year for current scholars and alumni. These programs provide times for students to socialize and bond. Others provide time for introspection, while others nudge scholars to look beyond themselves to the broader community.


Ervin Fall Orientation

As first years, Ervin Scholars come to campus in August for a three-day, pre-orientation program, which current scholars and alumni are invited to attend. The first years are welcomed into the Ervin Family by the upperclassmen and introduced to some of the traditions of the Ervin Scholars Program, like the Habits of Achievement. Sessions are conducted by upperclassmen, alumni, faculty and staff. 


Ervin Bench Commemoration

After Dr. John B. Ervin passed away in 1992, students and alumni of the program donated money for a bench honoring him. It was dedicated at a ceremony attended by his widow, Jane Ervin, and other family members. Each fall, scholars, alumni and the Ervin Family gather in the Brookings Quadrangle at the bench to honor Dr. Ervin's memory. 


Winter Retreat

Ervin Scholars return to campus for a two-day retreat before spring semester begins. During the retreat, scholars prepare to start the semester strong and join alumni across the nation in the McLeod Day of Service, named for the program's founding director. 


Class Dinners

Throughout both the fall and spring semesters, Ervin Scholars join together as individual classes and jointly for class dinners. This serves as a chance for scholars to catch up with their classmates and with the program, as well as to meet other scholars from different years. 

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